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Dinner Hopping means to enjoy an evening that is fun, cultural, and a highly gastronomical adventure all at the same time!
In this unique American school bus that we transformed into a restaurant on wheels which seats a maximum of 28 people, you are going to meet other customers of every age, some in pairs, others in groups. The atmosphere becomes lively as soon as the bus’s big hand brake is released: the departure is approaching! A welcome drink is served, and the culinary journey has started. For this dinner, each one of the three courses; starter, main course, dessert, will be served by a different restaurant. At each of the three stops, the waiters get on the bus to serve you food from a specific restaurant. Enjoy an evening that is fun, romantic and who knows, you may make interesting new acquaintances, without ignoring the highly gastronomic aspect of the tour! So that your eyes can, like your taste buds, enjoy the journey, the chosen itineraries pass by many tourist spots and famous places.   Go ahead, experience and taste. A new dish is waiting for you at every stop!

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We partnered with some of Luxembourg’s most well-known restaurants that aren’t just extremely good in what they’re doing – cooking food – but our chosen restaurants are also interesting in terms of their geographical location. We want you to discover beautiful Luxembourg from a whole new angle!